Following the decision that no public examinations will take place during Summer 2021, the school has formulated a process for assigning fair grades to pupils.  As part of that this subject assessment plans will outline how Centre Determined Grades will be arrived at for all qualifications.  They aim to provide transparency of the the process for the whole school community.

Assessments across each subject and qualification year vary in levels of control dependent on the circumstances in which they were completed. Assessments which comprise of past paper exam questions and/or standardised materials produced by WJEC conducted under high levels of control are likely to carry higher levels of weighting as the teacher considers the overall Centre Determined Grade. 

High Control: Formal supervision, students, produce their work under direct supervision and with a restricted set of resources, usually during class time. No assistance may be given to students. This is not achievable online.

Medium Control: Informal supervision, Work is mainly completed under teacher supervision in the classroom, e.g. writing up investigations. This can be achieved virtually using monitoring platforms online such as Class Notebook and Spiral, well designed assessments where simple answers cannot be harvested from an internet search engine or peers, strict time frames of completion.

Low Control: Limited supervision. Work may be completed outside of the classroom without direct supervision. Most but not all online completed assessments would be considered low control due to the inability to monitor students at home.

Subject Assessment Plans can be found below

GCSE                     AS Level                              A Level

Details around whole school approaches to access arrangements, quality assurance and how the school will arrive at CDG’s can be found in the documents below:

Process for awarding Centre Determined Grades

Centre Assessment Policy for the Award of Centre Determined Grades (‘CDGs’) 2021