house system

The basis for the school’s pastoral care system is the House system, comprising the Head of House or Director of Sixth Form, Deputy and Assistant Head of House and seven or eight Group Tutors. They are supported in their work by senior staff, the Educational Social Worker, school counsellor and other support staff. This team is responsible for the social, emotional and overall academic welfare of the pupils in their care.

Pupils work best when they are happy and secure and it is the function of the House team to monitor the progress of each individual in order to support him/her to fulfil his/her potential in all spheres of school life. This is best achieved when the home and school are in partnership and parents are therefore urged to bring any concerns to the attention of their child’s Group Tutor or House Team.

Assistant Heads of House are non-teaching and can normally be contacted in the first instance.

our houses….

Our House names reflect the identity and history of Hawarden High School.

Ty Deiniol is named after St. Deiniol’s Church in Hawarden – this was the location of the original school in 1606 and named after Bishop Deiniol of Anglesey, hence the bishop’s mitre in the Deiniol logo.

Head of House – Mr. J. Artist

Deputy Head of House – Mrs. A. Lacey

Assistant Head of House – Mrs. C. Draper

Ty Gladstone is named after William Ewart Gladstone, former and three time Prime Minister, Hawarden resident and founder of the liberal party – the logo of which is denoted in the Gladstone logo.

Head of House – Mr. B. Rodgers

Deputy Head of House – Mr. C. Dobson

Assistant Head of House – Mrs. C. Johnson

Ty Glynne is named after Catherine Glynne of Hawarden – Baroness of Hawarden Castle and later wife of Gladstone. The castle denoted is in Ty Glynne’s logo.

Head of House – Mrs. C. Crawford

Deputy Head of House – Mr. N. Sant

Assistant Head of House – Ms. J. Vasey

Ty Ledsham is named after the founder of Hawarden High School in 1606 – George Ledsham who left £300 for its foundations. The logo denoting the school building.

Head of House – Mrs. S. Coppack

Deputy Head of House – Miss. E. Smith / Mrs. S. Williams

Assistant Head of House – Miss V Donoghue

The Sixth Form provides Advanced Level education for 16+ year olds, please see our separate Sixth Form Prospectus for further information

Director of Sixth – Mrs. R. Southwell

Deputy Director – Mr. S. Phillips

Each House is in competition with each other to achieve the highest number of house points at the end of each term and most importantly by the end of the year. Students are awarded points for various reasons all of which contribute to their own total and that of their House. The live house points stream is shown below: