School curriculum

Click here to access detailed learning plans for each subject area. Access to this will require a password which has been communicated to all parents.

All of the subjects which are taught in Hawarden High School have been grouped into eight curriculum areas; this grouping has been found to be helpful to the organisation within a large school.

The faculties are:

Communications – This includes English Language, English Literature and Media Studies.

Community and Services to People – including the National Baccalaureate Qualification, Careers / Work Related Education, Environmental Education, Psychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care, Politics, Law and Public Services.

Creative and Performing Arts – This includes Art, Drama, Music and Physical Education.

Cymru, Ewrop a’r Byd – This includes Languages (French, German, Spanish and Welsh), Geography, History and Religious Education.

Mathematics– Including Numeracy

Science – This includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Technical and Vocational – This includes Design and Technology, Information Technology, Business Studies and Computer Science.

The curriculum is principally delivered through 25 one hour lessons during each week, although these are supplemented by focus events for all year groups when the timetable is suspended for one or more days. Pupils are grouped by ability, although there is some variation between faculties in relation to the organisation of these arrangements.

National Curriculum – Key Stage 3

This Key Stage covers Years 7, 8 and 9 and a common curriculum is delivered across all three years with the exception of Languages, when pupils will study a variation of the 3 languages of French, German and Spanish. They will choose to specialise in one of these languages in Year 9.

We place particular emphasis upon pupils’ skill development across the curriculum and particularly within the ‘core’ subjects of English, mathematics and science, each of which is taught for 3 hours each week. Pupils’ development of literacy, numeracy and digital competency skills are developed across the schemes of learning, across the majority of curriculum areas.

National Curriculum – Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 all pupils are obliged to study English, Science, Mathematics – Numeracy, Physical Education, Religious Education, Welsh, Personal, Social and Health Education, Careers and the World of Work Education and the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification.

English and mathematics are taught for 4 hours a week for all students. All students will study Science for 6 hours in year 10, where they then may be put forward to study for the 3 separate science qualifications in Year 11.

The options choice system offers a wide range of choices, drawn from the Communications, Creative and Performing Arts, Humanities, Languages and Technical and Vocational Faculties, which allow students to select other subjects of their choice to enable many to achieve the equivalent of 11 GCSE passes. In collaboration with other centres, pupils may also choose from a range of vocational courses, including Professional Cookery, Construction, Workplace Engineering and Salon Services. Some students may benefit from additional vocational qualifications. Full details will be provided as part of the Key Stage 4 induction programme.