COVID-19 FAQs (returning to school)

For Parents/Carers:

What will school be like?

School will not be returning to anything like it was prior to closure.  Pupils will be required to socially distance (2 metres) from one another and their teachers.  There will only be a maximum of a third of the school in at any one time and pupils will arrive and leave at staggered times (in order to reduce the potential for contact with too many people). 

There will be a maximum of 8 pupils in a classroom at any one time.  Each pupil will be given an arrival time which they must adhere to otherwise they will not be able to access the school and parents will be notified to arrange collection of their child.  After completing registration at the front of school pupils will report to their form room and will remain there for the duration of the session (likely to be a maximum of 3 hours).  There will be no changeover of lessons.

Corridors are one way only with the exception of the reception and main corridor which is clearly separated and marked with signage.

How safe is the school?

The school has undertaken a thorough risk assessment to support the safe return of pupils and staff.  There have been numerous adaptations to the building in order to support the smaller number of pupils in school at any one time. 

The school has installed a significant number of alcohol gel dispensers around the school and extra plumbed washbasins for hand washing.

Each room will be thoroughly cleaned through the establishment of a renewed cleaning schedule.  Each classroom contains additional cleaning supplies for periodic spot cleaning through the session.

What will students wear and what equipment do they require?

Students should wear their normal school uniform as far as is practicable.  We recognise that some items may no longer fit and there has not been an opportunity to replace these as yet.  However, we would appreciate parental support in trying to get students as close to our uniform expectations as possible.  Pupils must have their uniform freshly washed each time they come to school.  There is not a requirement to wear a tie and pupils need not wear their jumper if the weather is fine.

Pupils are not required to wear a face mask.  However, if that is their preference then the school will support that decision.

It would be helpful if students could bring a device that they have been using to complete their online learning or their own mobile phone.  This is so they can connect to our Wi-Fi facilities and show their teacher the work they have been doing or are struggling with.  Any devices brought into school remain the  sole responsibility of the pupil – staff will be unable to touch the device or assist with hardware problems in any way.

Pupils should also bring a notebook (or some paper/rough book) and pen.  We will not be able to loan equipment or even hand out loose paper.  They will not be able to loan equipment to or from other pupils.

Pupils should bring their own water bottle with enough water for the three hour session.  All water fountains have been switched off.

What if I decide not to send my child to school?

We understand that even with all the steps that the school takes to minimise the risks to pupils and staff that some parents would prefer to keep their children at home.  Attendance to school at this time is at your own discretion. There will be no issuing of fines or loss of attendance statistics for non-attendance.

Pupils that are in receipt of a shielding letter must remain at home.

What about break and lunchtimes?

Pupils cannot have a break or lunchtime in the same way as they have been used to as they cannot mix with anyone outside of their ‘bubble’.  A tutor group at a time will be escorted around the school and will undertake handwashing at key points.

All pupils will receive a free school packed lunch.

Pupils should bring their own water bottle with enough water for the three hour session.  All water fountains have been switched off.

What will happen if my child becomes ill?

If your child is unwell, DO NOT send them to school. If your child becomes ill during the day they will be dealt with according to their symptoms.  A qualified first aider will attend to them, but this member of staff will be wearing PPE.  Please discuss this with your child.  The school will then contact you to collect your child, even if they travel on the school bus.

My child is in Year 10/Year 12 and I am concerned they have missed too much of the GCSE/A Level content. What is going to happen?

We understand this is a worry.  Welsh Government are in discussions with the examinations regulator, Qualifications Wales, and the examination board, WJEC, to see what plans can be put in place.

My child is anxious about returning to school

This is understandable.  The COVID-19 pandemic is a worry for us all.  However, part of the rationale behind students returning to school is so that we can help them when we see them in whatever way we can.  Please contact your child’s Head of House via the school office who will be pleased to help prior to your child’s return if you feel you or they need extra support.

During the time in school pupils will have access to a pastoral team who can assist with any issues they may be having.  They will be able to suggest helpful strategies, websites and further specialist professional organisations which should be able to assist if appropriate.

What about pupil behaviour?

Students are expected to follow the rules for their own safety and wellbeing, and everyone else in the building.  If your child cannot adhere to these rules, a member of the Senior Management Team will contact you. 


How will arrival and leaving of school be managed?

The specific time your student is allocated for their return to school session is staggered so as to avoid long queues and potential cross contamination. 

Staff will welcome students arriving at the front of school having been dropped off in the car park/ entering via the gates.  Students will queue up, confirm no sign of illness and sanitise hands.

Pupils follow signage and one way system and make way to their allocated room. 

At the end of the session pupils will hand wash and exit the building to be collected by car/bus or walk home.  We ask that pupils do not congregate and wait for friends outside the school building.  Pupils must make their way home immediately observing 2m social distancing at all times.

For Pupils/Students

Do I have to bring anything to school with me? 

Yes, something to write with, a notebook/rough book. An electronic device which can connect to the internet and you can type with. A bottle of water as the water fountains have been switched off as one of our controls. Finally, your own personal supply of hand sanitiser. 

I am in Year 10 and I am worried about my end of year exams. Are they still happening? 

No the exams will not take place in June/July of 20202. 

I am in Year 10 and I am worried about my work experience.  Is it still happening? 

No all work experience has been cancelled. 

Do I get to choose the bubble I am in? 

No, form tutors have carefully ensured a safe and social mix of students in each bubble. 

Do I need to bring lunch? What will lunch be? 

No please do not bring lunch or any food items with you. A basic packed lunch will be provided for you on the way out of school. 

My uniform does not fit, do I need to buy new stuff for the last 3 weeks? 

Please get as close as you possibly can to school uniform.  You don’t need to wear your jumper (unless you are cold or want to) or your school tie.

haven’t been completing my work at home, am I going to get told off by my form tutor? 

No, this is an opportunity to start fresh.  You can use this as a chance to tell us about any barriers to your home learning and your form tutor will work with you supportively to set targets to start chipping away slowly at new work set over the last 3 weeks of school and prepare you for September 

Will we back to school as normal in September? 

No, it is likely that school will continue as a blended approach of face to face sessions with your form tutor.  Home learning will continue for the time you are not back in school. Similar how it will run from the 29th of June.  

I am in Year 10/12 and I am worried about my GCSE/A Level studies next year, what is happening? 

We understand that you are worried about it, however all year 10 and 12 students in the UK are in the same position.  We are confident that nobody will be disadvantaged when Qualifications Wales make an announcement on the exact adjustments they will make to these qualifications. 

Will I get a break and lunchtime to see my friends? 

As much as we would like to allow this, the risk is too high and we must keep the bubbles separate from each other.  There will be some time in your form bubble session to speak with your peers. 

Why will the school be so different? 

The only way the virus can be beaten, and we play our part in stopping the spread is by following the Welsh Government guidelines.  

Why can’t I see my subject teachers? 

People cannot mix in bubbles as stated in Welsh Government guidance.

Why are there only a small amount of students in each bubble? 

We can only fit a certain amount of students in each classroom at a time whilst maintaining 2m distance. 

Will I still have to complete work set at home? 

Yes, you are still expected to complete work set by subject teachers. 

Who do I ask if I have any further questions? 

Subject based questions should be emailed to your teachers directly.  Other questions could be asked face to face with your form tutor when you come into school or via email. 

The Welsh Government have suspended the curriculum so is it worth doing the work that is set? 

All of the work our teachers are setting is relevant to what they have been studying. In addition to this, the brain works much like other parts of the body in that if it isn’t worked hard, it loses the ability to work as well and has to be re-trained. It is vital that students are ready for school to re-open properly. The work being set by your teachers helps to recap and consolidate previous learning and prepares you well for future leaning.