VE Day – Your celebrations

For VE Day, our History department invited you to send in pictures of your own (socially distant) VE Day celebrations. We have really enjoyed seeing how you spent the day dressing up, decorating your gardens, yards and spaces in the house, and eating 1940s style food! It looks like you all had a lot of fun – thanks to those of you who told us about your day and shared your photographs with us.

“For VE Day me and my brother, with the help of our parents, made bunting and bows out of cut up material we found around the house. We made flags and a banner out of cardboard boxes and paint we had. we baked scones and biscuits and played traditional games of shut the box, card games and tiddlywinks in our back garden.”

“Our family celebrated VE Day by making a Victoria sponge cake and decorating our home with bunting. We invited our next door neighbours for afternoon tea on the front lawn which everybody enjoyed.”

“We made some cupcakes for VE Day and shared them with our neighbours.”

“Hope you have had a good VE Day. I have been baking, crafting and dressing up with my brother. We helped my mum make afternoon tea too.”

“I made bunting for our VE celebrations.”

“My neighbourhood had a social distancing party for VE day.”

“We dressed up and ate cake listening to absolute 40s.”

“I made corned beef hash. Potatoes weren’t rationed in WW2 just the tin of corned beef.” 

“We had a tea party and made bunting. We also made carrot scones and cupcakes and played 1940s music to celebrate VE Day.”