GCSE Results

As a school we are very pleased with the GCSE results which have been published today and congratulate the Year 11 students upon their fantastic achievements.  Whilst an unprecedented number of students have achieved higher grade GCSE passes, the positive achievements of students of all abilities are also worthy of celebration.  We have maintained the school’s tradition of every student in the year group achieving a recognised qualification and 99% of the year group have achieved at least 5 pass grades.

The Headteacher recognised the sustained hard work that had been invested by all students in order to achieve the results, which will enable them to proceed to Sixth Form, college, or work – based training opportunities.  As a school we wish them every success with their next stage of learning.  On behalf of the students Mr Budgen paid tribute to the dedication of teaching and support staff during the students’ primary and secondary education. He also thanked the parents and wider community for their valued contributions and support.

Notable successes:

  • Mae Lewis                   (9A*, 3A)
  • Phoebe Hinton           (8A*, 3A, 1B)
  • Isaac Kneen                (7A*, 5A)
  • Isabella Reidford       (7A*, 5A)
  • Saffron McIver           (6A*, 6A)
  • Abbie Latham             (6A*, 5A, 2B)
  • George Brewin           (6A*, 2A, 4B)
  • Lucy Brambles           (5A*, 6A, 1B)
  • Ryan Green                 (5A*, 6A, 1B)
  • Tyler Johnson            (5A*, 6A, 1B)
  • Billy Hughes                (5A*, 3A, 4B)
  • Olivia Williams            (5A*, 3A, 4B)